People who don’t live what we live, don’t understand
Youths' experiences of hypermobility.
Saija Benjamin. Publications 16. Migration Institute of Finland 2017.

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People who don't live what we live, don't understand

People who don't live what we live, don't understand

This qualitative PhD study examines the lived experiences of eight young individuals who moved from one country to another several times during their childhood because of their parents' profession, hence the term hypermobility in the title. As international, workbased mobility is increasing, it is of critical importance to observe how it affects childhood in general and how the children experience it in particular. The various socio-emotional aspects related to children’s hypermobility – often overlooked in discourses surrounding internationalization – are examined.

The rising calls for closed borders and nationalism necessitate increasing awareness of the diverse ways of being and belonging in societies and communities. Although based on a small sample of informants, this study opens a window for examining one way of inhabiting this world through the experiences of young mobile individuals. The findings enhance the current understanding of what it is like to grow up in the midst of international relocations in a world predominantly defines by sedentary norms and majority. The study’s conclusions should also prove to be particularly valuable to parents who consider or pursue an international career and for educators who work in schools with a high student turnover.

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