Uschanov Elisabeth, Björklund Krister, Korkiasaari Jouni: How to Trace Your Roots in Finland.
Siirtolaisuusinstituutti, Turku 2013. 23 s.

10,00 €
How to Trace Your Roots in Finland

How to Trace Your Roots in Finland

The popularity of tracing one’s roots seems to be constantly increasing. Many genealogists feel at some point in their research that they have reached a point where no more information can be dug into daylight and those who are tracing their overseas roots are more likely than other to run into what seems to be a brick wall.

Many start with great enthusiasm and high hopes, but the abundance of information on the internet easily leads astray and guidance is needed through the jungle of information. For those who plan to visit Finland to find their roots, good preparation is crucial. The better they prepare, the more they can find during their trip.

The purpose of this booklet is to help Finnish descendants to trace their roots. In the booklet the most important information sources in Finland are described and what the genealogist can except to find. Many of the sources can be utilized at home, through the Internet, by mail or telephone, but some of the basic information can only be researched on the spot. The reader should not expect a complete guide to genealogical sources in Finland, but the booklet gives an outline where to find the most important sources.

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