Olli Kultalahti, Ilari Karppi & Heikki Rantala (editors): Europe in Flux – Transitions and Migration Pressures. Migration Studies C 16. Institute of Migration, Turku 2006. 285 p.

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Europe has experienced radical changes throughout its entire history. The collapse of the communist regime and the demolition of the Iron Curtain launched a new spatial and social order, whose entire contents and dimensions still remain to be seen. The papers in this book approach these new developments from various angles. Mobility of human resources is a major focus of present developments. Europe is likely heading towards a more regionalised future, not only in terms of physical or economic regions, but also in terms of social and cultural regions. One of the key issues is also that of social exclusion and inclusion. The book concludes its message with a question which will be crucial in the future: Is the European Union able to create the sustainability of economic growth and to restore trust in governmental institutions?